Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mickey Mouse Is Real, He Blinks His Eyes!

I just thought this was funny. I was taking some awesome pictures of a show in front on Cinderella's Castle last December at Disney World. The show was a little special, because before we even left for Florida my daughter kept telling me she was having dreams (plural) of watching all the Disney Princesses dance on stage. Her dream came true as we were heading out of the Magic Kingdom our final day. It was a bit creepy in fact (the dream coming true part), I had tears and goosebumps at the same time.

So anyway, I was trying to take a cute picture for my son to frame for his room. And, here's a great shot of Goofy, Donald, Mickey and Minnie except Mickey Mouse blinked his eyes!! Who would have thought that Mickey blinks?

At least on my next trip, I'll be looking out for character eye blinking while taking pictures!!


Paula said...

Angie, love the picture. Disney is our favorite place on Earth, ok next to Maui, but we like it so much our own son was married there. Talk about a dream coming true! Tell that one to your daughter!

Angie said...

We LOVE it there too!!!!

My daughter already has ambitions of growing up to be a Princess character or a "Disney girl on TV" (like Hannah Montana). I love that she knows that they are real people (actors) but that she still believes in all that Disney Magic!

Guess I should start saving for a Disney wedding huh? That would be so mind blowing on the fairy tale scale! :)

Brandy said...

That's too cute! I didn't know Mickey Blinked!!! Great post, thanks for stopping by my blog today btw and leaving a comment!

Angie said...

You're welcome!! Thanks for taking a peek over here at the new site. :)