Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Is America Obbessed With Jon & Kate Plus Hate (opps) Eight?

Here's one I'll never get, Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Sure I understood in the beginning, we're all curious about the "All American" family with twins and sextuplets. It seems so overwhelming and mind blowing for anyone who's a parent of just one child. We all wanted to tune in and see how it's done. But, that's pretty much were it all ended for me.

Just look at the recap for the first episode of their TLC show, "Kate and Jon want to make sure their eight grow up with traditions and Fall is prime time for a family ritual. They take the kids to a local orchard for pumpkin and apple picking, and end the day with romping through a corn maze." Aww, that sounds so sweet!

Well, not so much for me! Watching 2 parents try to load up and get 8 kids out of the house and then attempt "normal" family activities such as excursions and errands is way to much for me. I rarely even watch TV, and when I do, it's to relax (& maybe learn in the process). Watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight is anything but peaceful. Yup, that's just what I look forward to in the evenings after I get my two kids in bed, a nice cup of tea (or glass of wine..hehe) and watching a family of 10 scream at each other. I might have a total of 2 episodes under my belt.

Okay, let's flash forward to present day. Now we have a few years of fame, money and media corruption under our belts and Jon & Kate are divorcing. No surprise to me. I can't possibly imagine how they could have a strong healthy marriage with 8 kids, volunteers, bodyguards, staff, a television crew and a camera in their face 24/7. What makes it all terrible is, they are using the media to spew and promote their hate for each other. Real classy!!

Jon recently told Good Morning America "I despise [her] because she's not speaking from the heart". That's great and I'm sure it's true. But maybe that should be shared in family counseling, not to the world via the media. I just love this picture of Jon in front of all the bikini clad babes in a pool (damn, what a family man!!), professing this love for his new soul mate, 22 year old Haily Glassman. Jon's such the catch and all (with 8 kids!), she can't possibly be with him for his money and to hang to his "fame" coat tails. :)

Anyway, these people have issues and need some in private professional help if they plan on raising their kids into being 8 self sufficient adults. Here's my point and question. If Jon & Kate are not the sort of folks who you would hang out with socially and have as role models for your children, why are so many American families wasting hours and hours still watching their shows and interviews and buying their smut mags at the grocery store and tell all books at Barnes and Noble? That is what's paying their bills and supporting their lifestyles people!!!

Further more, looks like my dreams for them fading into the background might be put on hold if Jon agrees to do the show "Divorced Dads Club" with Kevin Kederline and Michael Lohan ( 2 more great fathers). Just another stupid reality show for people to rot their brains watching. I prefer to surround myself with people and things I believe in and support, thankfully reality TV never fits the bill.

What do you think?


Julie Martell said...

I agree 100%, Angie. Reality TV has never particularly interested me, but I did see a few episodes when Henry was tiny. Being an overwhelmed new mom I was a little fascinated at how they did it all. But after a while it started to look like any other product-placement-packed reality show. What makes TLC's recent shows even worse is that they are making tons of money off of 'different' people. They have re-invented the circus freak show for television. Why do these people allow themselves to be exploited? Is 'fame' that attractive?

Angie said...

Well how can folks with 8 kids afford mansions and tummy tucks? :)

Keith Wilcox said...

This is what TV does to already weirdish people. People who can't handle the spotlight tend to melt under it. Look at that lady on Britain's got talent (the ugly one that could sing). She totally collapsed because she couldn't take fame. These people were already on the fringe -- then they get put in front of cameras. Yeah, disaster. oh, I've seen one episode but I've read some of their news. It's really pathetic. I don't think either of them is particularly bright.

Angie said...

You're right Keith!! But at least the British lady (Susan something with the huge eyebrows)has a talent, these folks are making money for basically being parents and they SUCK BIG TIME at it!!

Zorin said...

I also attracts my attention that these people have a lot of problems, but they never get serious - the viewer is kind of constantly reminded that this is not about real life, it's just for the show.

Angie said...

You're so right!! I guess I'm more upset that we Americans allow so much "trash" on TV.

So much for "reality" TV, huh?

I'd rather read anyway... :)